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Places To Eat

From charming seaside cafes serving the freshest catch to upscale restaurants offering a tantalising taste of Cornwall’s culinary finesse, Porthleven stands as a true culinary haven. Set against the picturesque backdrop of the harbour, your dining experiences in Porthleven promise to be a highlight of your holiday. With a diverse array of flavours to explore, let your taste buds savour the coastal delights that make Porthleven a culinary gem in Cornwall.

The Harbour Inn Porthleven food 1

Harbour Inn - Porthleven

Amelies restaurant Porthleven food

Amelie - Porthleven

The Square Porthleven food 2

The Square - Porthleven

Immerse Yourself in Porthleven’s Rich Heritage

 Explore Porthleven’s historic landmarks, from the iconic clock tower to the sturdy granite pier, each telling tales of the town’s maritime legacy. Follow the Porthelven Town Trail and wander through charming streets lined with traditional cottages, and feel the echoes of centuries past.

Porthleven beach with clock tower behind 1

Porthleven Beach

Explore Porthleven’s

 Local Beaches

 While holidaying in Porthleven, explore the nearby beaches, each with its own allure. From the exhilarating surf at Praa Sands to the tranquil shores of Gunwalloe, and the dog-friendly beach of Loe Bar, there’s a beach to suit every mood. Embrace the sun-soaked sands, refreshing sea breezes, and diverse seaside experiences that await just a short drive from your Porthleven retreat.

loe pool beach 1

Loe Bar Beach - 1 mile

polurrian cove

Polurrian Cove - 4.6 miles

praa sands beach cornwall

Praa Sands - 3.9 miles

Gunwalloe Beach Cornwall

Gunwalloe Beach - 3.5 miles

Explore Porthleven’s


For surfing enthusiasts, Porthleven is a coastal haven that beckons with thrilling opportunities. Embrace the surf culture during your holiday as you explore Porthleven’s nearby surf spots. From the challenging breaks at Loe Bar to the exhilarating waves of Praa Sands, Porthleven offers a surfer’s paradise. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a novice eager to learn, the dynamic waves of the Cornish coast promise an unforgettable surfing experience to complement your holiday in Porthleven.